Grainfield Project is a commentary on the current residential trend in The Netherlands, where houses are physically separated from each other preventing any sort of accidental interaction between neighbours. The grain silo factory EMG, where once all the grain from the area was gathered, is part of a wide industrial zone on the Eemskanaal in Groningen. Providing a new residential alternative, the program of the project seeks to stimulate community life. The same way the grain was gathered previously, the new purpose of the building would be to gather people instead.

The gradation of privacy as well as the distribution within the building follows the original path of the grain when it was being imported and stored at the factory decades ago.

With a great deal of respect to the monumentality of the building the new housing units are negotiating their own space inside. Introduction of the residential units in the old factory involved partly removing the old silo system that ran through the building. Much of the old structure is preserved and exposed to reveal their complexity.

Grainfield won Academy Minerva Award in 2012.

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