DC 01

Designed in the spirit of Willem Gispen, Dining Chair 01, DC 01, strives to provide an ultimate experience of comfort. The construction, easy to manufacture and assemble, stands out with its genuine simplicity. Because of its shape and the natural flexibility of metal, the chair bends reacting to the body shape so that the person sitting on it maintains a comfortable posture. The rubber spacers that separate the seating from 

the frame not only provide a floating effect but also add flexibility that allows the back leaning to move organically with the body. The different options for the seating come separately and are easily screwed and unscrewed. DC01 can easily follow the customer’s mood and necessities offering a variety of options – bended plywood, leather or textile.


Completed: 2010

Collaboration: Jochem Klok

Awards:North Dutch Design Awards 2010

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