‘The Light That Attracts Us: Nocturnal Animals’ is a lighting project for Isola Design District – an installation particularly tailored to the atmosphere of the location –  a tribute to Bar Bah, to Isola and to Milano.

Inspired by the unique social and cultural mix of Isola’s nightlife the neon installation attracts the ‘nocturnal’ clients of the venue and to establish a meeting point.  The illuminated art looks like distorted chaos when you 

see it from the street but it all resolves into a perfect 3D image when you reach the intended vantage point – the front door of Bar Bah. The interaction between the Isola neighbourhood and Bar Bah is highlighted by the collection of reflective panels that constitute part of the installation. The slightly distorted images of Isola’s cityscape, evoke the world of comic books and superheroes to enhance the urban character of venue.



Floor Area: 45m2

Completed: 2019, temporary installation

Collaboration: Eglė Skuodaitė, Aleksandra Ivanova

Photo Credits: ©  Norbert Tukaj  

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