Today our homes have been transformed into multipurpose spaces, serving as home offices, study areas, and living spaces. We are getting used to a new normal where our daily habits and privacy are increasingly conditioned by the rooms available and the number of people we live with. This novelty in the interior sector challenges the traditional design standards and paves the way for less conventional proposals to manage the micro-spaces of our homes.


Our current situation poses many critical issues, especially on a psychological level. Lack of privacy is one of the aspects that changes the dynamics between cohabiting people. It becomes ever-more important to make our home spaces more welcoming and versatile.

We are looking for a new interior design elements that focuses on the need to personalise, express ourselves, and give value to the time we spend at home. The management of micro-spaces, the comfort that allows the contemporary multipurpose spaces, has led us to revisit the role of the acoustic panel at home.


‘Click’ is a project of collaboration between ZeroCollective and DPS Solving. It is an on-going research that aims at introducing the soundproofing panel as an everyday object at home that serves multiple purposes. The essence of the project lies in its flexibility and modularity thanks to its integrated magnet mechanism that allows for the panels to be easily attached to any vertical surface and serve as an architectural finish or become part of a piece of furniture.

Collaboration : Eglė Skuodaitė,  Aleksandra Ivanova

Partners :  DPS Solving

Photo Credits:  ©Norbert Tukaj 

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